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Elizabeth Shewman, PhD, MS

With over 20 years of experience mechanically testing biological tissues, Ms. Shewman brings a strong knowledge base to Rush Sports Medicine. As a research engineer at Rush, she has conducted or overseen studies involving mechanical testing of soft tissues including tendons, ligaments, and articular cartilage. These tissues were comprised of human, mouse, and rabbit models. In addition, she has had an extensive background in designing and implementing biomechanical tests for bone diseases and fracture healing while at the University of Michigan Orthopaedic Laboratories. While there, she was also involved in surgical implementation of bony defects as well as therapeutics in several animal models, including murine, ovine, and canine. Within both of these positions, she has been able to successfully design and implement new test methods, as well as analyze and interpret outcome measures for the evaluation of various biologic tissues.